The amount of time I’ve spent plugged into my phone/tablet is deffo getting me worked up. I’ve been consistently having eyes that feel strained , and teary. And I figured out why. I’m moving tomorrow. (delayed it by 2 days because I was just too tired to move). So I’m aiming to limit my screen time on my phone to like 1hr a day.

I’ve been casually reading stuff on vogue online this afternoon and found this article :

This analog hobby caught my eye :

I’ve always liked the idea of starting physical photo albums and scrapbooks #lovekitschystuff. So I thought of doing one section for each year of age. And I’ll choose specific highlights of my year to scrapbook as another way to cultivate gratitude for my blessings. I think it’ll be a treat to look over when it’s New Years , and I’m thinking up next years goals and resolutions #selfcare.