Just before typing up this post I figured something out. I love period costumes. I also love sketching dress designs , and it occurred to me I could mix the 2 together into one hobby. I follow a couple of period costumers on Instagram who actually sew their lush period dresses themselves. And it inspired me to do the same.

I made a post waaay back about wanting to learn how to sew dresses . So I’m thinking now I’m gonna make period dresses from my favourite historical times. No.1 is Regency Era Ballgowns like so :

I already collect buttons and little things that I can sew onto dresses for embellishment plus ribbons . So I’m gonna dabble in this hobby once I’ve moved into my new apartment in a week.

And here’s my Instagram for this hobby : https://www.instagram.com/belledolldoescostumes/

With pretty props I have lying around. Like this candle holder of mine⬇️⬇️⬇️ that I can light a tea light candle on and hold as a prop for photo shoots.

Plus I’m gonna start doing my own pretty photo shoots with the dresses, heels and jewellery sets I have.