I don’t think I mentioned in the handful of interior design posts I’ve made on my blog but I’m a huge shabby chic lover. My first flat was all shabby chic. I had white feathers on a long string on the walls . Light wood furniture , chiffon scarfs draped on surfaces , coloured glass vases with ribbons tied to them. Lace doilies on tables. Many crystal bowls and crystal trinket holders . And loads of herbal teas on a hand painted purple shelf in my kitchen. Plus many fake vines hanged on the top of walls. I’ve since moved away from that aesthetic. But this early morning I stumbled on some shabby chic posts on Instagram , and my love for this style has been re awakened somewhat.

So I’m thinking I’m gonna mix this style above into my apartment decor. I think this style will go nicely with my silver satin bedset and the many crystal chandeliers I have.

Also until I get a huge garden I’m gonna start another interest on my list: gardening. I’m a cook/baker and I’ve always wanted to grow my own fruits and veggies plus flowers. So in my current apartment I’m gonna grow easy herbs like :chives, mint , rosemary. For fruits: strawberries, raspberries.