I’ve been in need of a pick me up this past week or so. I’m over the hill with covid , so I can finally go out again . Ngl , quarantining was HARD , I hate being in confined spaces. But I got through it!. Now I’ve made plans for drinks. Also can resume my figure skating practise , book dance rehearsal space slots again. Also in this time , I fine – tuned my piano lesson plan , since I’m a “self teacher” with things. I’m gonna learn some new repertoire like September Song by Agnes Obel. For non -classical songs , I’ve been following trinity rock and pop grade syllabus which I’m not a fan of any of the songs on each level AT ALL!. There’s a lot of bad old timey dad rock songs and I’m not keen🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️. So I’ve changed my non classical training syllabus to rock school. Which has better songs on my current grade (5) such as : ⬇️

Video of me playing A Thousand Miles ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Got these goodies too :

And I made a food blog!. I’ve been wanting to for a while . I know it’ll help me organising my cooking , and help me see a visual of any cooking techniques I’ve honed. Which I will get a domain for . It’s called Honey Apple Cornucopia 🍯🍏🍯

Some of the things I did bored during quarantine was look at upscale bars/ restaurants and having FOMO and then wearing some of my dressy heels about the house 😂. ( This picture was taken late at night for reference )

I also do contemporary / lyrical dance with some ballet thrown in without pointe . ! But now I’m so keen to finally start training to get on pointe so bought a pair of brand new pointe shoes. 😍👌🏻🩰