Okay so 2nd lockdown is a major bummer !. And I caught covid from a family member so I’m currently quarantined. It’s been very mild for me , I thought I had a regular cold till I got tested. So thankfully it’s been chill for me. What prompted this blog post is a dream I had a couple of days ago. It was December , xmas time and I was celebrating with friends. It was such a good dream. That when I woke up , I was like okay! I’ve gotta plan this Xmas season to A T . So here’s my plan so far . I’ve booked things already !

And I’m so in the mood to make new long term friends now I’ve gotten rid of the riff raff! 😂👌🏻.

I’ve been doing some introspection on that part. And hindsight is 20/20. I’ve realised I’ve let dysfunctional types monopolise my time and social life , when I consistently meet sweet genuine types who try to befriend me. But what happened?. I was too worked up with dealing with the wrong ones that I would just wave off the right types. Cos I didn’t have the energy to give back.

And now that I’ve really thought about it , I’m kinda annoyed at myself. But I’ve vowed to myself that I won’t let that happen again. Even if that means being appearing more aloof socially and detached. This way since for me , I’m the type of person who tends to draw those types anyplace , I have to seemingly seem like I’m saying no to a lot of people. When I’m reality if you compare numbers , it only feels like that to me cos I’m one person saying no to more than one person. But in actual fact I’m freeing up my focus and my attention to give my energy to genuine people. I realise that since I’m very honest and empathetic that those types of unkind people need people like me. Since I’ve come to realise they all seem to have friends just like them, and I can’t imagine that being nice even for them. That they need people like me who are genuine with friendships and people to bring a stable honest friendship in their life.

This large chunk of this post is not about plans but it kinda is . Cos now I’m really committed to not letting unkind people into my life. The types who are so narcissistic and selfish. And I think now is a great time to do this before the holiday season and new year. But one thing I tell myself is that atleast I’ve gotten rid of people like that , even if it’s multiple times. Atleast I was pragmatic enough to clear my space . Now it’ll be for good.

That dream I mentioned was a good visual reminder for me. In the dream I had genuine friends like me , and it was so chill. And I owe it to myself to seek like minded people. I do think it’s cos I had other things on my plate so I didn’t have the energy to sort it out . But now I do.

So plans!! These are 2 small ones I wanna try. First one harkens me back to my schoolgirl choir days 😂.