I had an obvious thought today. All the modern classical music I compose , why don’t I have that online?. I’ve thought about doing it for a long time , so why didn’t I?. I’ve been posting my alternative pop songs, but not my classical ones. So I thought since I dance , I can have use my youtube for videos of me dancing with my own lyrical choreography to songs . Then my sound cloud can show my musical side. So here’s a screenshot of my Soundcloud.

I reuploaded an old song called candles back onto Soundcloud. And I’m gonna start uploading my songs I compose. And old ones I’ve had stored on my phone that’s been gathering dust so to speak.

Got these cute additions to my closet. The bag is geniune 60s!.

Ive also been having a 50s/60s show binges . Rewatched Mad Men. Finished a show called Pan-Am. and I found this new show last night from the 60s called That Girl which I like so far !!