I thought it would be a great idea since birthdays are a great time to rest + reset , that I wanna make some solid plans of things to do for myself that I’ve been keen to do . What better incentive to get it ticked off my to-do list than as an after bday list!.

  • 1 : Book some UK breaks to places I wanna visit like Bath , St Ives , Glastonbury.
  • 2 : Bring some costumey sensual dresses to do personal photoshoots at said places listed above ⬆️.
  • 3 : Book regular massages.
  • 4 : Be even more stringent in who I let in my space , give my energy and time to. Even if it feels like I’m being more aloof than usual. (it’s better to be safe than sorry!)
  • 5 : Buy a piece of jewellery that’s custom to me and personal to always wear. Necklace or ring would be best. And as a reminder of going into the start of my late 20s now !.
  • 6 : Book some dance gigs.
  • 7 : Go to Glastonbury Festival ( uhhh duh should have been done already !! )
  • 8 : Go small frequent holidays
  • 9 : Cut out desserts and eat even more cleaner.