I stumbled on this little bit of info : London cocktail week which is in October ( my bday month ), is extended to the whole month. So that means cheap drinks and one off signature cocktails. So I’ve been thinking about really ironing out my plan since my bday is on the 22nd October .

First to the most important part : OUTFIT

I’m thinking of this little velvet number which is very booby ! :

This Bag:

These heels:

And I’m still figuring which of my jackets to wear : there’s a tan wool coat I would wear but I don’t have it with me , so maybe a fluffy pink long coat I have.

And for the plan :

1. Lunch at the Lansborough.

2. Drinks at Hello Darling :

🧚🏼‍♀️🍄Which I’m honestly OBSESSED with . I aim to make it my regular bar 🧚🏼‍♀️🍄

This part of my plan is a pipe dream but I realllly wanna be book a hotel room for the night to sit in a fluffy robe with a bottle of wine and nibbles and have a 50s movie marathon !. I’ll be moved by then so I’ll have to make do at my flat *le grand sigh*!. This is the one I planned until I was a little too spendy last month and this month .

I might update this post with a hotel portion of my birthday plan if my current google search proves fruitful😂😎!.

After publishing : aaaaand I booked a hotel night. Not the one I wanted but it’s 4* and in Hyde Park so still lovely!! It’s this one for a night, so I’m gonna do lunch and only do 2 drinks at Hello Darling so I can have my movie wino night!. I booked a superior double bedroom for £50 only!!

Now I’ve had the bright idea to wear this ball gown I have whilst in the hotel then change into a robe later on in the evening ! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I’m gonna do a half up down hairdo and glam lashes with this and do a little bday photo shoot then I’ll change into a robe for my personal movie night