I’ve hinted that I’m a major planner !. And it’s a month till my 27th bday and I wanna make it a great plan. Last year I did drinks at a bar called Cahoots. Which is a total 1940s Britain themed bar with vintage decor and vintage music. I went for a vintage ensemble of a vintage cardigan and skater lace midi skirt. It was so much fun , the drinks were amazing and I stayed all night. This year I wanna do this as my plan .

I’m a Libra ( Scorpio Cusp)

  • Book a spa day off groupon/wowcher in London for the morning. Massage deffo included !.
  • Afternoon Tea at the Lansborough Hotel
  • Then late night drinks at either one of these speakeasy bars:⬇️
Evan and Peel Detective Agency

As to my company , I’ve made the great decision to celebrate my birthday solo. And I feel so much better about it.

I’ve always tackled with sharing my bday with people. And I know it’s because I wanna enjoy it by myself . Without other people’s emotions getting in the way. Past birthdays I’ve had my mood spoiled a little by behaviours such as : intrusive +1s , conversation about matters other than the night (which at any night of drinks is fine, but I’m not keen on hearing of boy woes at my birthday drinks), friends entertaining randos who then promptly crowd me into talking, not so clever decisions on the night by friends , who then wanna cling to me to make them feel better about it etc. So I thought about it and I want my birthdays from now on to be very self-involved on my part.

If I saved better during lockdown I was gonna also book a night at a 5* hotel suite to enjoy room service. And watch some movies , light candles . But I’m just gonna do it after , to set the tone for my 27th year !.

Also got these nice little things :