I might have posted I like designing costume-couture dresses . For the longest time I thought I’d do music plus figure skating and my long time love dance. But now and more over the years my interest in being a singer has waned. Now I’m at the point where I’m not keen at all on being a singer.

For me growing up in a religious household , since I didn’t know about figure skating till like 13 yrs old , singing was my way of giving me the emotional energy of separating myself from the strict upbringing of the family I was born into. And now that coping mechanism has not been useful in many many years. I thought it was time to drop it and pursue another true love of mine aside from dance: figure skating, since I’ve always done dance . *hi schoolgirl me *

Sometimes you don’t realise that you need to get rid of something on a more conscious level , even though I knew I was pushing myself to do both. I deffo outgrew being interested in being a singer a long time ago. I thought it would be good for me to do an actual personal journal post, since it’s what’s been on my mind for a long time. And other things sidetracked me at times , so I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to put what I was feeling into action.

One thing tho I do take from song writing is that I have 2 songs I can figure skate to that are perfect for me. So it wasn’t a complete waste of my time like I always thought. Whilst I bought my first figure skating dress FINALLLY (ahh sooo many years of wanting). I found 2 other ones I really like the look of that I’d be keen to buy in the future. Also I’m very interested to make at least one of the costume dresses I’ve designed to wear to skate in.

And I’m thinking for me , I wanna make one of my signatures to wear something in my hair , that I can really secure tho !. I’ll figure out how to execute that idea.