So this past week I’ve been practising my pirouettes , and other spins . Plus I bought my first figure skating dress and over the boots tights. It’s Lycra and form fitting so it will be curvy on me not boxy ( I like the girly shape of the dresses ).

I also want these trousers to wear with my fleeces and jumpers for practise sessions !: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🎀 My sports bag that I’ll carry my skates and figure skating outfits in 🎀

🤩My figure skates , I do stare at them daily 🤩

Also been thinking ahead when I’m ready , that I’ll join a skating club . In a year I aim to start competing :

I’ll aim for a year -year half to start competing !. I’ll be doing on ice practise 3-4 x per week and the equivalent off ice practise and strength + flexibility training which I already do for my dance practises.