After I posted a video of today’s flute practise to my Instagram , I went back a bit on my pictures to this hairstyle :

Currently my hair is still it’s natural curls , and I’m so keen to cut a fringe again !. I’m gonna condition my hair , and not straighten it so it grows uninterrupted , then before my bday in October I’m gonna get it straightened and cut a fringe like in the picture above !. Love my curls when my hair is long , not so much when it’s shorter cos I like back length on me. Once my hair is back to back length , I could be tempted to keep it curly .

My hair today :

Also I know it happens to some curly hair girls as they get older , but I didn’t think my lovely but stubborn curls would straighten . My hair nearest my scalp is straight on its own for a fair amount of months now. And the permanently straight parts is growing . 2 months back it was half the amount. Interesting!. Although it doesn’t make a difference since I get semi permanent straightening done every 6 months