I got my figure skates today, they came very fast. I took a video of me trying on one boot , excuse the v messy living room. I was so excited to have them I didn’t clear the frame for filming 😂🙃.

Also officially signed paperwork for my new flat today , did 2 yesterday and the final one this afternoon. It was all done through DocuSign, which I’m happy for. Having to travel to a landlords office and sign paperwork is very tedious !. The keys are in a key safe outside the communal door. Which I’m gonna check out tomorrow or Sunday . Also I checked the safety certificates and it says it’s a ground floor flat I’m moving to?. I thought it was first floor . Hopefully it is ground floor cos I prefer that to raised flats.

And I’ve checked my credit score , which has increased yet again this month which I’m happy about. I’ve been working on improving my credit score these past couple of months and it’s been rising like 30 points each month.