As it turns out I’ve had a last min change of flat move. I was gonna move to Camberwell, but I’m moving to right next door to Highgate and walking distance. And the flat I’m moving to now is way bigger and nicer , in a converted house with a nice door. Plus I haven’t had a walk in closet in my bedroom since my first flat.

The walk in closet in my bedroom

Have to do the flooring, which I’ll be doing as a carpet throughout instead of wood vinyl. But here’s the front door , it’s a first floor flat.

So now I’m gonna do coffee mornings/ yoga in Highgate/Hampstead Heath instead. Gonna have to pay extra since I’m overlapping my tenancies to give me time to move in 2 weeks max. Kinda wish I saved my monies from UberEats during this lockdown lol🙃.