Okay so I haven’t gotten my hair done yet , which I’ve been steadily keeping in a bun these past couple of weeks + silk scarfs.

I’ve always written in script , and I’ve been meaning to get into fountain pens and calligraphy. Got these vintage fountain pen set . Love the box! 🥰

What I got upto today : baton twirling practise and watching Gilmore girls. And yet again I wanna move to a picturesque town like stars hollow !. 🙃😂 also was using my sofa cushions for my new flat . Couldn’t help myself cos they’re pretty and pink 🎀

Also I thought it would be a fab idea instead of doing solo practise, to join a figure skating course so I found this great one. Love Lee Valleys ice rink way better than other ones in London I’ve been going to.

Also been practising my baton twirling to join national competitions in the near future and started organising.