Maybe I’ve mentioned on my blog , but I love doing things solo. I feel 100% better when I can do things based on my own internal rhythm. And one thing I’ve learnt after going on a very misguided holiday with a “friend” in the past , is that I prefer solo holidays or ones with someone I’m really close too.

I’ve always found cabins in a snowy setting so calming , and since I like to do ice skating solo(❄️ dancer to beginner figure skater over here ❄️) , I’m very drawn to learning how to ski and go on ski holidays. I thought the perfect time to do this would be New Years. I know! I’m way too eager to plan , but let’s think about how claustrophobic lockdown has been. Plus I’ve purged my social circle of the last remaining neggy people , so I’m SO keen to plan the perfect reset for next year , and I’m committed to keeping my space calm.

I’ve realised over the years that anytime I’ve felt on edge is due to being around disordered people. And each time I reset my social circle and starting new (which honestly I’ve done at-least 11x hand on heart) , yet again I’ve met the same types. So I’ve thought long and hard , and I’ve come to the conclusion to solely focus on my future , i.e since I’m 26 going to 27 , I’m thinking of making my own family , moving into my first home from apartment living, and my music career. And if I’m getting the same result each time with people , then I should focus my efforts elsewhere where it’ll actually pay dividends. So for New Years , I’m thinking if I do it with someone , it’ll only be one other person but honestly I really wanna be alone. But in the meantime whilst I’ve been saving , I found the one I’m gonna book. There’s also some similarly prices ones for 5 days too , but so far I love this one and I already feel so relaxed just looking at the pictures.


I’m gonna do the beginner ski lessons when I’m there , but I thought it would be neat to do some practise lessons now in London . I’m thinking of going to these 2 places to practise :

⬇️This last one a couple of time since it’s outside London and effort to get too. ⬇️

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟