So I finished my first article on my online fashion magazine : Dawly Magazine.

All words by me, no copying bits and pieces from other articles !. Was a lot of fun to write. Deffo a topic I’m very interested in. I’m writing the next article to schedule for posting tomorrow , today.

Also got the violet creams I ordered and they are yummy!. Deffo tastes floral’ly but also a little bit like Parma Violets too.

I found this Violet liqueur for cocktails. Kinda pricey for liqueurs, but I can use it for special occasions. Like this summer !.

I also haven’t practised piano this week , will do sometime early next week. I’m feeling uncharacteristically lazy with music practise!. Been practising my double pirouettes tho. And rehabilitating a little minor dance injury. I was over zealous with stretching and pushed too far. But I ignored it coz pushing past your flexibility hurts, and I thought that’s what I was feeling. It’s better tho. Gonna do light stretches and hold off bettering my leg extension. Instead , work on my turns instead. Also need to practise my ala seconds too!. ( this turn ) :⬇️

But the contemporary version , no pointe shoes.