So I think I’ve hinted in previous posts that I’m very interested in having my own business. Well one business that I’ve been wanting to start since like my teens is a cosmetics (skin care) company. For the longest time I thought I’ll just wait till I get my eventual coins from my music career , then create it. #confidence in your visions is a must.

But I’ve been thinking more and more that I can always start in a small scale now, then when I get more cash flow , make it BIGGER. How I made the name is the subject for another post, it’s got an interesting story , I think anyways. I’ve gotta get copyrights in order, and making a site. Plus overheads, cos I wanna be as fiscally prudent as possible. But yeah , I just wanted to make a post marking the day I’ve put it out into the universe.

I think I’ll use shopify for the online store. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of making stuff like candles , soaps . Always looked like a soothing hobby when I’ve watched YouTube videos of etsy sellers. So I’m sure making the skin care products for my business will be a nice way to decompress, since using my hands relaxes me. You know , with my being a musician and sketching. I’ve always found it soothing making things with my hands, since my hands are a point of my body that I can use to naturally release some tension/ excess mental/physical energy.