So I’m so keen for a hair change !. As much as I love my black hair I’m so down for a hair colour change. I usually get my tresses straightened with L’Oréal extenso (which lasts 6 months I think). My hair currently is back to its soft curls. But I know if I want to bleach and colour, then semi permanent straightening is out the window. I know my hair doesn’t look it at all but it’s stubborn and reverts to curly very quick from Brazilian blowdry, so that’s why I opted for L’Oréal cos it last longer for me.

The colour I’m so keen to get all over is this (or a shade darker) :

I’m so keen to be a redhead! I think this colour would look bomb with my complexion. ⬇️

My curls shown at the nape of my neck for explaining purposes .

I’m actually gonna get my hair bleached and coloured to this lovely red , then just have to do Brazilian blowdry every 2 months ahh!. I’m very tempted to do it myself, since I’ve done my own successful bleach jobs wayyy in the past.(hello manic pixie dream girl leka from the past) .

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟