I’m starting to get my music out on the old net !. Still editing my site and need to buy a domain, but I’m v happy with myself for checking things off my long held to-do list.

I wanna change the theme , will do that in a bit once I find my laptop charger 🔌. Plus I’ve been moving my documents onto paper form for my folders.

Today’s outfit : vintage silk pajama shirt from M&S from the 90s.

Also suddenly got the independence scale exercises. For non piano/keyboard players , both hands start on different fingers and both have independent order of playing. But it’s v easy now after not getting it. I’m deffo making leaps with my playing. I’m playing comfortably at a grade 5. Although I can play some grade 8 songs like Clair de lune or my baby just cares for me. Im gonna sometime before the new year finally do the grade 8 guitar exam. But I just remembered whilst typing this post I’ve gotta continue with my music theory practise. Ahhh , so annoying you have to have grade 5 theory just to do 5+ practical exams🥱.