I didn’t write this in a post but I lost my beloved baton for like a month and I found it 2 days ago!.

I’m currently learning 2 new tricks with my baton: a Thumb Toss & Flourish.

I also did some piano practise today. I’d say I’m solidly playing at a Grade 5 , but I could deffo tidy up my playing on lower levels. A snippet below ⬇️ of me playing Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles which is grade 5. Although classically trained grade 5 is harder i.e ABRSM , which I’m starting from grade 2 to train properly.

Also started learning David Bowie- Life On Mars today (Bowie fan over here 🙋‍♀️) , which is also a grade 5. I’m gonna finish learning it tomorrow and will update this journal post with a video.

I’m gonna focuse on piano until I move in a month then I can practise my flute freely. 🎹🎤

Been practising my double pirouettes too. Now that things are opening I can go back to a dance studio and practise. Which I SO need desperately !!.

Also……🤞🤞I’m bidding on this retro table that would match my living room perfectly!. Hopefully I win 🤞🤞

Today’s Accessory

After posting video of me playing David Bowie – Life On Mars

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟