Today was pretty relaxing !. Bought 2 vintage earring + necklace set :⬇️

Also wearing some cute earrings today and my hair in pigtails .

I’ve definitely felt this for a long time but I’m so keen to move to the US. I’ve always wanted to live in New Orleans and/or New York . I can deffo do a year or possibly 2 more in London, but I’m so keen to move. I didn’t expect it so soon, since I had a feeling I’d move and live abroad when I was a teen. But now I’ve reached that age where I’m thinking a little more long term , and I deffo don’t see me still being a London girl in my future .

Just what I’ve been thinking today , plus rewatching ahs :coven since yesterday has made me think about it more seriously, since it’s set in New Orleans!. I’ve always loved the southern states in America , or cosmopolitan New York as a place to live. But idk which to choose since it’s 2 sides of me. Earthy/like character, or fashion city girl 🤔. I haven’t done a proper journal entry in a while so this post is more what’s been on my mind today and therefore more illuminating . 💭 💭 💭.

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟