It’s looking like I’ll be able to move sometime in July, due to lockdowns being lifted enough . In the meantime, I’ve been looking at places in my area I wanna check out. I occasionally do yoga @ home, but I’ve been meaning to go to a yoga studio near me. I found a great one that’s super affordable too!:

Some of the cafes in Camberwell are a little too boho/hipster for my tastes, but I did find some that I’m gonna be a patron of. Plus I also have Denmark Hill 10 mins walk away, so I have 2 areas to frequent. Tbf I do prefer Denmark Hill so I’m most likely gonna go there in the mornings/ lunch.

I’m not keen on going to any bars around my flat , seeing as I prefer central and south west/west london for nightlife. It’s deffo helping me thinking about having my solo routine again. Love my twin siblings but there’s only so much kid chat I can handle in a day(s) 😂❤️.

🎹Also did some piano technique drills and scales plus learnt some more of Clair de Lune . Gonna do proper practise tomorrow !. 🎹

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟