As a major lover of vintage / classic things , I got some vintage items off the old net (eBay).

Got this for £11ish including shipping and I’m seriously in lervvv , deffo gonna rinse wearing this jacket outtt ( and iron it 😂)
👏Look at the LUSH details , mama likeee 👏
Google’d the brand and it’s a rain wear brand from the 60s, so genuine vintage . Didn’t know that until I bought it ! #nicesuprise

🧤Hope I win these pretties! It’s a baby pink colour 🧤

I’ve also been searching for some cute vintage hats too, but i reckon they’d look too “grandma” on me lol!

Also I’ve been meaning to buy off Oxfam online when I’m lazy to do some charity shopping !

🛋How neat is that? Saves you hours of thrift shopping which can be exhausting no lie 🛋

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟