It can be so easy as a fashionista / avid shopper to think you never have enough in your closet. So I thought it would be a fab idea if I can remind myself that I have plenty of garbs to wear already to curb my spending!. Although that said, I do need some fresh new cocktail dresses. *starts saving baskets*

Looking at my emails I do tend to buy things in numbers. One month I end up buying skirts solely. Then the next month is dresses. Last month and the one before I bought too many bags and skirts. So I’m gonna even it out now and cycle back to dress buying for the coming month . BUT bargain finds ONLY. 👗🙌

Without further ado here are some items I bought a month or so ago !

I’ve worn this button down and tucked in some jeans with some heels. Buuut it does have a tendency to pop open every now and then. But that could be just me ha

Wore this loads then broke one of the the e . Ahhh I go through accessories I swear.

These are gorgeous but they pinch so much in the front so I haven’t worn them . Plus I misread the heel length and it’s too high for what’s comfortable for moi!

The colour is a dusty salmon pink in person and v lush. Can’t wait to wear it . Love pencil skirts

Got these when they were on sale for £6 woo! I’ve worn them once and my heel kept lifting up. So I’m gonna get a clear heel strap to keep my feet down on the shoes .

Last but not least these faves ! 😍

I’ve never bought from shoe zone but these are so comfy on. Perfect for when you wanna wear heels in the daytime, but wanna be comfortable ! Only 3 inch heel height. Plus court shoes are my fave shoe style .

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟