I love dainty vintage jewellery. Since I’ve moved 2x I’ve lost all my vintage accessories. So I thought it would be a brill idea to replenish my bling #magpie mode ON. I used to be a big fan of vintage brooches so I bought 3 plus some vintage accessories to boot as below.

Close up . Shiiine my pretty ✨💍

£2.59 + free postage

Dragonflies are my fave kind of whimsical insect. For water based animals it’s always been seahorses. Which is also reminding me of these chocolates I used to eat my weight in when I was little. I found a £1 shop that used to sell 2 boxes for £1 back then! .

Gonna stock up on boxes of these when I’ve moved post lockdowns

£6.50 total including 2nd class postage

The green things are also brooches too . I’m gonna chuck out the black bead necklace tho . Not keen on that one !

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟