Right now I’m currently doing some piano practise. I’m learning some Grade 4 & 5 songs.

Even though I can play grade 8 songs like Claire de lune or my baby just cares for me by Nina Simone , I’m playing at a 4/5 level. I’m learning songs from both grades . For self taught musicians I recommend learning like that. I’m also gonna go back to the start and check if there’s any simple techniques I glossed over, cos it didn’t challenge me at the time for both guitar and piano . It doesn’t make a difference as a musician when you play shows or for people. But when you do instruments exams like ABRSM or Trinity Rock & Pop , even if you can easily do a technique, if you have no awareness of it you won’t get the mark you deserve !.

These 2 songs grabbed me to learn , so I will learn them this evening

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟