One staple of my wardrobe is a cardigan. I am like a cardigan magpie for it!. 🤓😍

I’m a major thrift shopper so it’s a regular occurrence for me to be getting eBay packages. #onmy6thebayaccount

A nice cardi and jeans combo is one of my go-to casual styles.

Here are some of the cardigans I bidded on and won :

Um these ruffles are to die for 😍 deffo will be the dressiest cardigan in my closet *fans self*

From a Brand called Principles from Debenhams

Also these 2 cute jackets , love a pea coat !

Jacket from papaya , cute!

Also like for casual relaxed style

📈And no more than £10 each including shipping ! Bargains I think so 📈

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟