I like to wear many many hats , and I’m one of those musical artists who likes to be in control of every part of my music career. I write all my songs solely. I come up with the music video ideas I’ll upload when it’s the right time. I also design my stage outfits and video outfits! .

I keep all my ideas digital and also old school too. (pen and paper for my readers under 19yrs old)

I lost all my sketching pencils somehow staying at my family’s house so I’m gonna go on Amazon and buy some new pencils. I am VERY OFFBEAT when it comes to designing outfits. As a right brained person, I LOVE quirky out of the box stuff so I do put that into all my ideas. Currently I’ve got 11 out of 14 more songs to write, record plus mix and master then Ill start uploading to my YouTube PLUS start doing shows.

Can’t wait till the lockdowns are down so I can have my space fully again!! So restless !!🙅‍♀️

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟