So as much as I can wake up and go about my day without caffeine , I’m a mucho fan of routine !. I like having a plan of what I’m doing. And knowing I start my morning more or less the same each day is what I like ! 📆🗓

I used to buy loads of types of teas , like as quirky as you can think. I’m gonna do a future post about my fave teas. (might be a older lady subject for some 😂 but I love floristry and teas). But I’ve only bought caramel coffee. So I thought it would be neat to see if there’s any coffee brand I can buy that has coffee + a flavour. ☕️

These all look yummers! Can’t wait to buy em’ . 🙌🙌.

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟