So today I had this for breakfast:

Omelette topped with spinach , coriander, tuna, cucumbers and a tiny drizzle of garlic mayo. #veryfilling

Also had a shot (half a cup) of ginger and lemon unsweetened to boost my immune system! Yum😋

I didn’t have my usual coffee which I’m hankering for reaaaal bad *google searches for coffee addicts anonymous groups to join*

Aside from my main career as a singer-songwriter , I’m also a Writer. I used to have a blog called Out Of A Daydream which had my writings and photography ( I used to be a photographer as well as an artist). I still write as a side hobby but I’ve since deleted that blog but today I made a new site and I’m v happy with it!

I’m currently writing my first novel and novelette which I’ll figure out how to physically publish ! 📚

The link for my writer site is : .

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟