This post will be an edited version of a diary post. So earlier today I did some piano practise. I’m gonna do some piano scales later on this evening whilst I watch some TV #occasionalnightowl. Painted my nails a different shade also. The yellow Rimmel polish I just bought is no good! 🌼🙅‍♀️ *remembers to stick to Barry M*

Did some classics studying also🤓 :

I’m planning to do some errands remotely tomorrow, i.e ; call my utilities provider yet again about an admin error on my account. I’m definitely gonna switch to a green energy provider when I’ve moved after lockdowns 🌿🍃🌲. Also put the notice of a change of address on my bills. It’s a simple thing but I find redirecting mail v tedious idk why!😂🤷‍♀️.

Also some selfies of me rn . *pre me ordering some cheesecakes on UberEats in a min* 😂👌🍫

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟