So as you’ve all probably come to know , I’m very attached to eBay bidding 😂🤩, and I’ve been compulsively buying little things these past 2 weeks.

I just bidded for these charm bracelets tonight and won!. I’ve loved charm bracelet + lockets since I was a little girl. I love buying things I liked when I was younger to now wear as an adult.

Only £3 too 🛍
Matching with a musical note , LOVE 🤩🤩
I’ve always been obsessed with lockets and now my inner child is happy I’ve got one🎀
I needed a new Keychain🔑
Wasn’t so keen on this one in person but it’s grown on me 😂
These have like no grip but they look pwettty on 😅👌

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟