Today was a chill day. All I did today was baton twirling and some music theory studying. I learnt a new twirling trick called a figure 8 which I think is pretty neat!. So far I know how to do: fishtails, figure 8 and two-hand twirl 🥳.

Currently I’m on grade 2 for abrsm music theory . I KNOW!. Years of playing instruments why am I only just now actually being serious with music theory?. I always started then stopped cos I was learning multiple instruments (+things) at a go that I wanted to focus on learning to play. But now I’m v v keen to do the grade 8 guitar exam plus piano grade 5 so I need to have passed the abrsm grade 5 music theory to do the practical exams above that grade.

This site is so great for music theory. Very comprehensive. Deffo recommend it📚🎼

My face masks I ordered off Amazon are delayed #thankscovid-19 , but personal movie night is still a go 🖥😇.

Watching Heathers and a Ben & Jerry’s 👌🌟

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟