So far my day has been nice!. I had my usual cappuccino, did my hair. Now I’m gonna learn some new songs on my Acoustic . I also have my planners at hand to start jotting down some future plans.

Isn’t my pen cute? Cheers eBay

One plan I’ve been thinking about getting into is playing tennis. Aside from dance and walking, I’m not an active person. I always liked the idea of doing a sport to be xtra healthy but a more “girly one ” like netball etc. One I can do with my girl friends🎗🌟. So now I’ve made the decision to start playing tennis for fun. Now to see which friend I can rope into doing it with me. *rubs hands together* Also I want a reason to buy those cute tennis outfits and wear one around ! Ha .

I’d love to have that as part of my week routine , then follow it up with a nice cafe to eat some lunch.

I’ll swing for the membership once I’ve played for a while

🌟Glitter and Twinkles,till next time🌟