I got my new guitar baby!! And her name is Magenta🤩 (yes my instruments are my babies and I don’t care how it sounds) 💁‍♀️

I used my glue gun and some xtra shiny things to stick on from past decoration projects.
Also the eBay pictures didn’t show this GORGEOUS detail , such a nice surprise 🤩😍
I’m glad I saved the little pearls from past projects , it goes perfect with Magenta .

When I first got it however , due to the seller not loosening the strings the fretboard was snapped clean off !!. I got a full refund and spent money on v strong wood glue for furniture to glue it back on. 30 mins clamp time plus 24hrs to cure fully and it’s in great condition now !! *wipes brow* .

For a second when I opened my package I was in a stressy mood, but I’m so glad I “guitar luthered”. Every guitarist at one point starts to DIY with guitars and it was my moment to get to grips with that ha ! . Now she plays like a dream. The sound is very warm and full . Here’s a little sound snippet :):

The song I played is a snippet of Colbie Caillat – When The Darkness Comes .

There’s a song I’ve been learning on my electric that’s for acoustic. It’s Colbie Caillat-Try but a finger-style version. I’ll make a post and add an audio of me playing the song once I’ve learnt it by ear in full, since I can’t find tabs for it .I’m planning once I’m settled in my new flat to post vocals and music covers of me playing piano, flute and guitar. And I also wanna post freestyle dance videos also.

🌟Glitters and Twinkles,till next time🌟