Today I have planned to do : some scales and practising songs on the flute, some baton twirling practise and also my daily dance stretches for flexibility. I naturally have flexible legs but my back is not so limber. And the thing with that is it’s important to have a flexible back for difficult extensions like the scorpion back leg extension :

Non-dancers wouldn’t think that’s a thing but trust me it is. Any extension involving a flexible back takes more work for me, since mine is stiffer and needs more stretching. I do have usual lower back pain due to being heavier up top, so it takes coaxing on my part to have the flexibility I need. I remember as a little girl dancing on my own and I attempted the crab. You know this :

I swiftly broke my arm and had to wear a cast for 2 weeks!. And I was a little girl with a tense back. So imagine me as a 26year old woman with that same problem only with added women aches and pains? 😂🙅‍♀️

Since I’m staying at my family’s rn , I can’t do my usual dance conditioning and practise turns during the day. Which is when I prefer to dance. When I’m feeling lazy to go to a dance studio but really wanna practise, I do so at home. So I’ve been reserving that for when I’m up at night watching a tv show/movie. And I’ve realised that I’ve not been doing stretches for my back lately so I’m deffo gonna resume that this evening.

I know it’s 5am and that’s what’s on my mind. But I figure making a post about it will help me sleep 🤣💤

🌟Glitters and Twinkles,till next time🌟