So for 2020, v long held passions I’ve wanted to start I’ve made a point to begin this year!. One passion I’m interested in, since I’ve been a dancer is to be a majorette. a.k.a baton twirler. I got this purple one on eBay for a pretty penny. Although I didn’t read the description closely and ended up buying one smaller than I need 😂 , but idm its a pretty baton 🌟. I plan to buy a larger sized baton in a week or so.

My locket says my name but my camera flips it. (also it’s a colour changing mood locket. Neat right ?

My first trick I’ve been learning these past couple of days is a two – hand twirl. It’s a two hand spin with your hands in the middle of the baton. Also fishtails where you roll the baton on the back of your hand and it spins and catch in a figure 8 motion. I tend to practise during the day whilst I’m doing things like watching t.v, making food. When I feel xtra energetic during the day , I do feel like I can’t keep my hands still , so I do see me picking this up quickly ha.

I’m planning to make a post of my progress with baton twirling and also of the flute in a later post.

🌟Glitters and Twinkles, till next time🌟