So with covid-19, my move has been put on hold this week since my future landlords office is closed to sign papers!. So I thought as a way to plan moving into my new digs, I’ll look at some recipes I wanna try out in my new kitchen.

I’ve been wanting for a while to learn how to make pastry from scratch, and I found some yummy recipes to try. Can’t be too hard right? 🤞😁

One type of recipe that’s been close to the top of my lists to learn to make is a loaf cake. Also I deffo wanna make loaf breads too. There’s so many variations of this type of bread that my hands are itching to make.

Looks so instagrammy and yummy too!

I can’t wait to move in and start whizzing up all these recipes I’ve had saved!. I deffo don’t feel like baking or cooking at my family’s house , which I’m staying at currently . I like my own kitchen to make yummy treats 🍽.

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟