For me as a fashion girl , I love a fun bargain!. Finding an off season item of clothing/accessory makes me happy. Seeing as most high street shops recycle the same “in style item” , and I don’t like waking around in a carbon copy outfit as 10 others in a 5 mile radius 🙅‍♀️ #nothanks!. One of my outlets to find goodies to fill my closet is eBay. There’s tons of genuine vintage grabs like classy pillbox hats from the 1950s , some vintage designer that costs as much as an overpriced cocktail in a bar (and not even a central one mind you). Some photos of the haul I got this week whilst chilling at home.

This little blue number is from monsoon . Love the pattern on this 🌟
I went into a bidding war with this one only to see someone else selling the same bag an hour later #didntneedtogetworkedupbidding
I also got the other 2 behind in this lot ! fashion savvy I think so 😂
I like the fact I got 2 bags with bows but all I really carry is my phone and lipstick😂👌 #nothingspecial

Also can you believe I found this genuine vintage hat from the 1950s for a grand total of £7!. I’m deffo going through a vintage hat phase rn , partly due to me binging The Marvellous Mrs Maisel 💎🥂😂

If there could be a summer equivalent of this hat I’d would like that mucho! love the wrap detail
I found this picture whilst searching for a feature picture for this post and thought it was funny. Although I’m way too anal for it to be the case for me ha 😂

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟