I can’t remember the last time I bought a guitar or an instrument for full price. I think the first and last times were my first acoustic and electric, #musicianonabudget . So this week between adding to my accessories, I found a GORGEOUS acoustic guitar on eBay for so cheap! I’ll be receiving it this Monday.

I’m so excited to play on a new acoustic that I’m making a post for it beforehand 💝🎸. There’s 2 acoustics I gave away yeaaars back that I wish I didn’t but oh well such is life!. You lose things and gain more in their place :)!. The guitar in question that I’m so keen to play on is this :

Isn’t she a beaut?😍 I’ve also got a new strap, capo(since I lost my trusty old one🙅‍♀️) and stickers to put on…. (insert name once I’ve thought of one) .

I do love putting stickers on my guitars. Here’s my current Electric. I’ve gotten through too many electrics also which I’m gonna stop doing from now on! Ngl I’m kinda fustrated with myself for giving them away so easily even though I know I’m sentimental af . Anyhow :

💎 Crystal Hearts 💞 , maybe I should name this electric guitar CRYSTAL ? 💎
💎My current Acoustic💎

And side note: the feature picture for this post is absolutely goals for me , down to the number of pretty in pink guitars *counts monies*

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟