This week I’ve been a little restless (well more so than usual). I’ve been v v keen on doing all the personal plans I’ve made over the years, and wanna tick things off my ever growing to-do list!. As of right now, I haven’t moved into my new flat. I deffo think it’ll be easier to tick things off once I have my new place sorted out. The little things like cooking new recipes , buying my fave brand of coffee to start my day I definitely can’t wait to get back to.

One thing I planned to do around my birthday , that was last October was to book a solo break somewhere. I had ideas of it either being in the U.K , somewhere I could book a cheapo spa day and get some country R’n’R. Also a day trip somewhere in Europe , since it’s so affordable travelling from London not to!.

I also made plans to start looking for affordable instruments I plan to learn in the near future. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the Harp but they are mucho pricey , so I’ll have to do some rooting around on Gumtree + EBay these coming months to find the right price for me. I’ve been watching loads of harp covers and trying to figure out the basic ideas of what goes behind playing the harp.

•I could really go on with this post , so much to do !•

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟