I’ve spent this past couple of months sorting out a delayed flat move so ya girl is in despo need of a spa day !!

I’ve moved 2x since 2016, so I’m keen to finish with a move and chilll for a while with changing flats. But I do plan to move again in a year to a permanent flat, since the areas I’ve lived in are v nice, but not the full picture for where I want to be my neighbourhood !

I’m planning on booking a spa day with a friend in the next 2 weeks , and I deffo need it ! I hold energy in my body, so I’m more prone to needing a massage for knots/tension. Plus being an organised bossbabe is werk !

Getting the work/ life balance takes commitment , and with London being a buzzy but busy place , it’s tempting to skip working to have some fun with gal pals . But I’m planning to get back into music/dance studio rehearsals once I’ve moved. I’ve been staying with family, and I definitely see how my regular work schedule has been interrupted. But that’s just for the moment. In 2 weeks things will resume for me. So I’ll have the balance I usually have again !.

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟