So 2 -3 weeks back I finally bought a flute. I’ve been wanting to play this instrument for as long as I can remember . My first instrument I learnt was guitar , then piano(which I’m still practising currently to get to a grade 8 like I am with guitar ) !. I’d say I’m half way there 🙂 . There’s a couple more instruments I’m v v keen on learning but they’re not the cheapest to get ! *eyes eBay and gumtree religiously* . I know , too much right?. But I can’t help it , I love playing instruments. I can happily spend 1hour+ just rehearsing but everything in moderation ! Even the good things.

There were a couple of flutes I saw on eBay but I think if I remember correctly they were £50+ easily and that’s not so common, but I persisted . With buying instruments , It’s tempting to just buy the cheapest you see at that given time. But usually if you be patient , a listing for one cheaper eventually turns up online . The one I have is a Japanese made flute from the 70s!! I must admit I didn’t read the info on the flute when I bidded for it, but it came in amazing condition for the age. Almost new visually .

I was a little eager once I got it and went straight to learning songs , which I tend to do with a new instrument . But I’m gonna go against what I usually do and start with scales instead . One of my fave classical pieces is The Nutcracker . I’ve started to learn Swan Lake , which actually is a pretty good beginner song since the speed of the note changes aren’t advanced. You also learn basic note changes / fingerings , whilst also honing your technique so it all doesn’t sound like a breathy whistle !

Once I’ve got Swan Lake down pat I will post an audio of my playing

🌟Glitter and Twinkles, till next time🌟